ended 2013 by sleeping off my food poison-y symptoms i had every intention of getting up this morning and watching the first sunrise of 2014 and carrying on with my day. however, i woke up at 9 this morning to a gray sky.

i still carried on with my day anyways. i headed out to the gym in my short shorts in 30 degree weather to fight some resolutioners for my favorite elliptical. i arrived to a completely empty gym minus the 3 grandpas on the stationary bikes. it had gotten pretty busy by the time i left, though.

everyone was so happy and so joyful to be starting their year with a workout. i definitely felt so much better and feel so much more positive about the direction of my life.

i’m also starting to track my food and activity again. i found a weight watcher-y type log. i am using the points system but have no intention of following is 100% to a t.

i’m going to enjoy the rest of my new year’s day watching the winter classic and planning for the year. 



The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents a very special, 2014-themed dispatch from the stars:

Aries: This is going to be a year for fitting the pieces of your life together, for making sense of a messy world, for finding places where you can fit, places where you can live, places that let your weirdest dreams start to breathe. This year is going keep you in motion, keep you working—the world won’t give up anything easily, this year, but it will reward your work and your curiosity and your kindness. Spend time talking on the phone this year, spend time writing long wild letters, spend time listening to people you love.

Taurus: This year, things are going to move steadily, not fast—this year’s going to be about some kind of bright patience, about setting your sights on something in the distance, about staying on course and focusing and getting closer to the world you want. Demand all the warmth and kindness and glowing love that you need, this year. Trust that you deserve all of this. Trust yourself enough not to settle for a single thing. Trust yourself enough that you can be brave, enough to do things that make your heart thump loud in your chest.

Gemini: This year will be full of mysteries, full of things that are wild and new for you, full of travels through places that don’t have a map. The world has so much to give you this year, so many things for you to see. Be gentle with yourself and see what grows inside your heart. Be brave for yourself and see what bright new worlds open up. Read so much, read everything, read the stuff that makes you cry, read the stuff that fills you up with all the fire you need to keep on living.

Cancer: This year, when the world around you starts to come together, when it starts to make sense, then work on building a place where you can live. Work on making a place that feels like a home, someplace where your friends can visit, or where your kitchen is clean and bright, or where you can fall asleep easily and dream that you’re floating and light. Work on telling stories that can sustain you, work on building friendships that can keep you whole. Learn about the place where you live, go on walks, keep your eyes and your heart open wide.

Leo: This is a year for cultivating the things you need to survive this world, the things you need to grow strong, the things that you need to make peace with your own wild heart. It’s a year for learning and remembering how precious you are, it’s a year for valuing yourself, it’s a year for expanding the wild and gentle ways you know how to love yourself and other people. Do things that make your world softer, things that make your world sweet. Take naps, buy new sheets for your bed, grow lemon balm in your garden.

Virgo: This year you will be able to float, you’ll be able to soar, you’ll have strength beyond anything you ever expected. This year you’ll be able to do anything you want. Focus on the steel in your bones and focus on the warmth in your heart. You have everything you’ll need to go big, to live well, to find a space for yourself in the world you most want to live in. Trust yourself and see where it takes you. Dream about colors. Grow plants on your porch, on your windowsill, in a quiet little pot on your desk.

Libra: This year’s going to be bright and fast and really great for you, full of friendship and good news and hard work. Feel this as the gift that it is and still, don’t forget to let yourself be dreamy. Make time to laze around alone, and to go on long rambling walks, and to sit under trees or swim in the ocean or let strange spinning thoughts grow inside you. Make time for beautiful things, make time for the weirdest parts of yourself. This year, spend time with babies or spend time with animals. This year, practice being very tender.

Scorpio: This year will be one for building, one for growing, one for moving upward, higher and higher, towards the heavens, towards the sun. It can be dizzying and it can be easy to get scared by how far your world is expanding, to get nervous by how close you are to your most perfect dreams, but the world’s going to be on your side this year, so try to let it carry you, try let its strange tides guide you. Go someplace you’ve never been before, go someplace that makes you feel small, go somewhere where the world starts to feel infinite.

Sagittarius: This year is going to be a time for letting loose, a time for stoking the fiery core of your heart, a time for letting out your most powerful self. Let your dreams and desires get a little wild, a little ravenous. Let them burn you up inside, let them haunt you, let them make you shout, let them make you move. Get a weird new haircut this year, or let it grow out long and wild, or paint your nails bright. Make your body as beautiful as you want it to be, as weird as you want it to be.

Capricorn: This year’s going to so strange, it’s going to be so lucky, it’s going to be such a bright shimmering gift. Things are going to shift this year, they’re going to change and buckle underneath your feet, they’re going to move. Let these changes move you, let them teach you, let them show you whole new parts of the sky. Let them show you whole new depths of your own wild feelings. Let yourself be changed. Work on learning new ways to nurture yourself this year. Learn how to cook food that makes you strong.

Aquarius: If you let it, this year is going to be dazzling, it’s going to be the best. If you commit, if you let your energy move through the world, if you give yourself permission to be loud and wild, this year’s going to be so big. It’s a year for big changes and big moves. It’s a year for doing everything like you’re trying to set an example for your own self. It’s going to be a year for making noise, a year for singing, a year for learning all the different things that your own voice can do.

Pisces: This year, try to build your life around bravery and guts and conviction. This year, work on building a life where you can know your own worth, fully and completely. Work on strengthening the parts of your life that shine, that glow like gold, that let you feel your own bright magic rising up inside yourself. Don’t forget other people, but live for yourself this year. Dedicate yourself to the projects that are just for you, the ones you don’t even need to show anyone if you don’t want to, the ones that make your heart feel full.

Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.

Cancer’s horoscope sounds like everything already on my list. Good thing. Bring it on, 2014!

2013: a year in review

this has been the absolute hardest year of my life. and i honestly could not be more thankful for that. i have been challenged and forced to grow as a person more than i ever imagine. and looking back at myself last nye and this nye is like looking at a completely different life.